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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Preview: New search engine infrastructure and UI

Continuing my previews of some the new features with FF 2.0, I will now take look at the 'New search engine infrastructure and UI'. Firefox 2.0 will come preloaded with six popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Amazon.com, Answers.com, Creative Commons and eBay). You can easily add more and remove search engines. Click the arrow next to the magnifying glass will display all the installed search engines and give you the option to 'Manage Search Engines...'

Click Image For Larger View
New FF 2.0 Search Engine UI

The Manage Search Engine List allows you to re-order your search engines, add more AND remove search engines you don't want. Previously you either needed to hunt for the search engine plug-in and delete it or install an extensions such as Search Engine Ordering to remove unwanted search engines.

Click Image For Larger View
New FF 2.0 Manage Search Engine UI

Still to come:
  • Session Management
  • Inline spellcheck


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